Readings & Spiritual Guidance

One to One Readings

A private session between you and me, where I will tailor the reading to suit your specific needs, whether they be past, present or future, regarding life events, relationships, career, financial concerns or can be completely as you wish.

I will link to your loved ones for messages, use my psychic and mediumistic gifts, psychometry (I hold a personal possession and read the energy) and use Angel/Tarot cards.

Can be booked as either an individual or group booking at my home and also online.

Spirit Message Board

A spirit message board reading. A must for anyone wishing to reconnect with loved ones in spirit.

Guaranteed contact with your chosen loved ones – you give me the name and I will guarantee to get evidence of their existence in the spirit world, messages and an opportunity for you to have one more conversation with that special person in the spirit world.

Can be an individual or a group event where everyone sits around the table together.

Available at my home or yours.

Distance Readings

For my clients who live further afield, are unable to travel, and my International clients, I offer my readings via video link.


For Readings and Spiritual Guidance