Improver’s Workshop – Parts 1 and 2




Improver’s Workshop Level One

We will explore Meditation and grounding techniques in more detail. Discover how psychic you are. Achieve a basic psychic level. Create a psychic shield. Work on setting your intentions, and work in more detail with divination cards and work with exercises created to improve your skills.


Improver’s Workshop Levels One and Two

First of all, looking at the foundation to start working:

Essential before any readings or development work. Meditation Grounding Balancing your Chakras Followed by Connecting with your spirit guides. What with our Spirit Guides and finding out how we can work with them. Connecting with our Totems (animal guides) and finding out how we can work with them. Angels within your work. Looking deeper into various methods of Divination Card Readings to improve evidence and accuracy. The Legal stuff. Looking at what is required by Law and Disclaimer notices.

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