What Next?

If you’d like to continue with your Spiritual Development please take a look at the Improver’s and Mediumship Workshops available to purchase on my page www.hellofromheaven.co.uk/workshops

In the next classes we will be aiming at Improving your skills moving on to cover:

  • How Psychic are you?
  • Meditation
  • Grounding
  • Achieving the basic psychic level
  • Psychic Shields
  • Setting your intention
  • Working with divination cards, Tarot, Angel and more…
  • Connecting with our Spirit Guides.
  • Connecting with our Totems (Animal guides)
  • Psychometry in more detail and more exercises.
  • Mediumship. Communicating with those on the other side.

We have so much to cover on this subject 🙂

It’s a huge subject and task but we all start somewhere…and you are starting here…it’s all positivity and progression from now on.

  • What is Mediumship and how to connect with the spirit world?
  • Symbols. We can evoke symbols and create a toolbox of images to help us communicate messages from the Spirit world.
  • We will be learning more about energy and how this can be an amazing tool to help us in linking with our clients during card readings and using energy in our Mediumship communication with loved ones in the spirit world.
  • We will be taking a more in-depth lesson on how to read divination cards.
  • We will be tuning into our five senses when reading and improving skills and depth of evidence.

And much more…..

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