Using a Pendulum

Pendulums are divination tools but can also be used to clear your oracle cards or tarot decks of negative energy. Using this method is one of the fastest ways to clear your cards before use, a great choice if you are planning to use them right away and want to clear your deck fast.

I recommend clearing your pendulum first. This helps to clear it of any earlier intentions. You can do this with a white sage smudge stick and then set your intention to clear your deck. 

Hold your pendulum in your hand and over your deck. Remembering to hold by the charm or crystal at the top.

The pendulum will of course be moving. That is fine. Allow it to move in any direction giving the intention to clear your oracle deck.

When the pendulum stops your oracle cards are now cleared of unwanted resistance and energies and are ready for use.

Please be careful not to touch your cards with the smudge stick, we don’t want to set them, or you alight!

If you are unsure what a smudge stick is.  Smudge sticks are little bundles of herbs, lavender or similar. They are bound together with twine. When alight they are to ward off negative energy or cleanse an item, space or person. This tradition goes back thousands of years to the word ‘smudge or smudging’ is of English origin. Smudging has been used in spiritual ceremonies all over the world and some practices include using herbs such as cedar, sage, and other sacred medicines, for medicinal use as well as cleansing.