Techniques For Cleansing

In spirituality we often use the word visualisation, let me explain. I know that some of the languages we use can often sound strange! Really it’s just about imagination.

For instance, if I said, stand and imagine the pure white ball of light above your head, then imagine that light slowly entering your body through the top of your head (crown chakra), keeping your breathing regular, imagine the light moving and filling your whole body. Don’t rush this process to take your time.

I use the inward breathe to imagine the light filling the next portion of my body. Imagine this energy is now fully filling every nook and cranky of your body, right the way down to your toes. Then let it flow out into the ground, taking any negative energy with it.

I sometimes imagine that it’s pure white light coming in and brown dirty energy leaving, and I just keep filling and pushing the energy through my body until I imagine pure white light flowing out of my feet. Then I know I’m done.

If you have a sudden moment of anxiety, stress or confrontation, imagine just stepping immediately into a ball/egg of light, which keeps all the negativity on the outside and keeps you safe. It’s like surrounding yourself with the protection of the pure universal white light that nothing can penetrate.

Another technique is to imagine walking to a safe place… this next video will take you through this exercise. Do not worry if you can’t visualise straight away.