Task Two


This time follow all the previous instructions.

This time try to communicate very simply with the person connecting with you, like any other relationship. If you do not talk to them why would they talk to you? If I was at a bus stop and spoke to someone, I would hope that they would reply. If they did not, I probably would not bother trying again.  Spirits can hear you when you speak internally or externally, but they won’t always talk unless spoken to first.

So, settle down and don’t rush this process. Do you feel a presence? Can you tell if they are male or female? If they are on your left or right? You may not see an image but just have a knowing. Can you describe them to your client?

Invite the spirit world to give you one piece of information about themselves, or more if you can. Do remember that information can come in many ways. You just know, you feel their emotions, you see an image they give you, a smell, you hear a word or words.

Relax and breathe. You can sometimes feel a little overwhelmed. You are in control. Ask the spirit world to slow down or step back if you feel at all uncomfortable.

If I’m getting chest pain for evidence of a heart attack, or feeling a gunshot wound or accident, that can feel quite real – ouch, just let them know that the message is a little uncomfortable and ask them to take it away.

When you ask a question, allow some time for the response, allow them to send the messages to you. If you tighten your eyes tight shut, get tense or grasp at replies. It’s not going to come. You can ask them identifying questions, questions about their life, career or any question at all to help facilitate the conversation.

Open-ended questions for the Spirit World usually give the best results. Relax and don’t worry about the details at the moment.

Try and concentrate on just linking with spirit. You are not aiming for a full-blown conversation currently. ANY evidence or message is great if it can be validated by your client at this stage. At this stage lets just be happy with feeling the person communicating and having some interaction with them. It’s the start of a fantastic journey.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS thank the spirit world for communicating with you and for their messages. I am humbled and privileged to work with the company of the spirit world.

My students will often hear me say ‘when ego comes in, talent goes out’. The readings are not about glorifying yourself and your talent. They are about honouring the spirit world. Please do remember that.

By following the instructions and advice that I have given you, you can open your connection to the Spirit World safely and easily.

My intermediate and advanced workshops have more information on how to communicate fully.  Please do take the next Workshops to advance your skills.