Task One


Settle yourself down. You will have done the meditation, the balancing of your chakras and the grounding before you start. That’s just how I work, you choose what suits you. Some people will just sit quietly in the universal energy setting their intention and boundaries to work and asking the spirit world and their guides to assist.

We will cover spirit guides in the next workshop. You don’t need to worry about that just now.

Take your energy and awareness to your client/friend/relative that you want to connect with the spirit world for.

Wrap your pure white universal energy around them as well as yourself (as we did in the energy building exercise)

Accept in your mind that they are linking your energy to your clients. Remember that you are attempting to link into all aspects of them. Into their emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual self. 

If for instance, you see the colour blue, what would that tell you if you applied it to those areas, mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally? 

Discuss your findings with the person. Maybe blue flowers were the last thing they bought the deceased. Maybe the deceased loved the ocean or a blue bike or car linked to them?  If you apply the chakra meanings to the colour it would be regarding communication or a throat issue.