Course Syllabus:

The aim of this course is to give you the tools necessary to begin to develop your skills, you do have them 😀.

By the end of the course, you will have an understanding of all the subject areas covered enabling you to practice with confidence.

The course will cover the following areas.

  • Grounding:
    Importance of remaining grounded and methods to ground yourself.
  • Meditation:
    What is it? How to practice it? Different styles of meditation and the role it plays. 
  • Energies and Cleansing:
    A look at Energy work, the importance of Cleansing your energy and ways of doing so, understanding your own and other energies and building the universal energy.
  • Chakras and chakra healing:
    What chakras are, where, when and how to cleanse and balance them.
  • Psychometry:
    Obtaining information and messages from a physical item.
  • Art of Spirit Communication:
    A look at the difficulties that have to be overcome in order for a medium to make and maintain contact with spirit and the effort involved for a spirit to be able to communicate.
  • Divination:
    Card reading, how to interpret divination cards.
  • Pendulums:
    Understanding how pendulums work. Messages from them and other uses.
  • Code of Conduct:
    Looking at our responsibilities and behaviour.  The Morals and Ethics we need to apply and a look at some of the moral dilemmas we face.

It’s a full and informative workshop. But it will also be fun.

A little bit about me…….

I’m an International Psychic Medium, Spiritual Development Mentor and Reiki Practitioner. Happily married for over 30 years and mother to my wonderful daughter.

Realising that I had something, a knowing, a gift, and a connection to the spirit world from an early age, and after a life of loss, trauma, love and many fulfilling experiences, I knew that I was being guided and pulled towards this connection, to understand and follow this divine calling.

I held prestigious positions in the corporate world for over 20 years and enjoyed many years of spiritual development alongside. I met some amazing people and had the privilege to be taught and inspired by the best tutors.

Something had to give. So I said goodbye to security and status and followed my heart by working full-time reading for my clients to bring guidance, support and messages from loved ones. Eventually teaching spiritual development to like-minded souls.

I am passionate about the quality and evidence in my readings. I have received lots of absolutely wonderful testimonials. 

I’m so proud of my Spiritual Development Workshops and the students who have enjoyed the experience and several who have gone on to achieve themselves.

I aspire to give generously all of my knowledge, gathered over years and years, in a place of non-judgement with like-minded people to enable students to reach their full potential. It always makes me feel inspired and fulfilled.

I believe in a sense of community with my teaching and have developed an ongoing supporting hub where my students and I keep in touch.     

My journey has been both humbling and empowering. I’ve had sad times but now I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I’ve learnt a lot and the future is full of exciting new possibilities. I have total trust that the universe is leading and guiding me on life’s journey.