Readings – But Before you Do…

OK… now that we are happy that the cards are cleansed and you’ve set your intention to work with them, let’s get to the exciting part now…readings yeah!!

BUT BEFORE WE DO…Let me give you five reasons why in my experience of teaching workshops readers fail…miserable but true…I don’t want you to make the same mistakes:

  1. They are too eager and don’t read the instruction book that comes with the cards.
  2. They start on the big spreads and don’t understand the cards, the placement of the cards, how to read the meanings and understand the significance of where they sit with the other cards.
  3. They don’t set their intentions or at least not clearly. The universe doesn’t understand the questions asked, and then the messages cannot be understood. Worst still, they give inaccurate information to their client. They ask convoluted questions that are complicated. In return, they get complicated replies.
  4. Oversharing – When you start to share your spiritual journey its only natural to want to share it with everyone. I did. Be careful sharing too many thoughts and feelings on social media for now. I would advise you to hold back for a while on public platforms. People can be cruel and judgmental if they are not into this kind of ‘thing’. Either join my private Facebook Support Group or others, where people are like-minded and less likely to be harsh or judgmental. This will help build your confidence. The advice will be better. Trained advice is always better than opinions of people with none, or little experience trying to knock you down. You may think it’s all love and light out there, but you can experience a lot of jealousy. Protect yourself from that.
  5. Training with a professional is always best. If you struggle by yourself things will invariably go wrong, and you have no-one to support your journey.