Radiating Energy

If I said to radiate positive energy. Do not think I’m expecting you to beam like a Cheshire cat and say yes to every request.

NO, that’s the opposite of what I mean and would really damage and drain your own energy. I want you to stay healthy and happy.

What I do mean is, yes be positive, when you can. Yes, be helpful but there is a limit.

Yes, be kind, always, but protect your own energy by not radiating so much giving energy that you yourself suffer. It’s not a negative or selfish act. You need to be kind to yourself too.

You might be asking now, so, what do these blooming energies feel like she is banging on about?

Have you ever blushed? that is an energy that starts in your face, then your heart pounds, it’s like a rush of adrenaline and sets off an emotional response in this instance usually embarrassment.

So, you have heard all about energies now, but how do you deal with them? It’s an odd language to discuss with others, isn’t it?

Some feelings like love and are so hard to put into words, but it’s a genuine feeling.