Before you start this section… Make sure you:

  1. Have your Pendulum. One of your choice that feels right for you.
  2. Set your Intention. You will hear me say this time and time again. What I mean here is, meditate for a few minutes, asking for assistance from the universe in learning to use a pendulum and for that pendulum to work with you and to provide accurate answers. This is what we call, setting your intention. A practice well advised to complete prior to any spiritual task in my workshop.
  3. Ground, and Center Yourself.  What I mean by all that is do the Grounding exercise I set earlier, so that you are prepared and ready to work.
  4. A Pendulum Chart –  this is optional, but I’ve supplied a selection for you to try. The pendulum will work equally as well hovering over your hand.

5. Accept information only if your instincts tell you it is accurate. When you start, ask simple questions like ‘is March my month of birth?’, ‘am I married? How many children do I have?’ this will show you that your connection with the pendulum is working with you and correctly.

6. Keep a notebook handy to write down any questions and the pendulum’s response. This is important so that you recall correct information and not deviate from that.

7. Make sure your mind and body are ready. Let go of internal and external noise. Clear your mind of worries. Do not multi-task. Relax and focus.

  1. Position yourself and your pendulum. Ideally, you want to sit up straight and if possible, put both feet flat on the floor at a table.
  2. Remember your pendulum’s signals.

Pendulums are often used as tools for spiritual development. They are often crystals, glass, metals or stones attached at the end of a chain, when suspended from a stationary position, a pendulum will swing back and forth or in a circular motion.

Choose a Pendulum that “Fits” You. What I mean by this is, you may like the look, feel or energy of a pendulum. Just chose one that feels right to you.

Learn How to Read the Swings. This means, the pendulum tells you not the other way round, you can’t train a pendulum like a puppy. 😊

Ask your pendulum:

(A) which way will you swing for yes?

(B) which way will you swing for no?

(C) which way will you swing if it’s a maybe?

(D) doubtful?

Make sure that you start with your pendulum in the centre of the mat or your hand.  Wait for it to centre itself, you may see it doing a little giggle, that’s just the energy tuning in and settling. Once that stops you can ask questions.

BUT BEFORE YOU DO, you HAVE to be clear and precise with your questions otherwise the replies will be wrong!

Make sure that after each question you hang your pendulum and wait for any movement to stop before moving on.

Here are some examples of bad questions and then the correct way to ask:


Wrong: Will I have a boy or a girl?
Correct: Will my baby be a boy? Will my baby be a girl?

Wrong: Will I get the job?
Correct: Will I get the job at St Mary’s Infant School?

Wrong: Will I move house?
Correct: Will I move to Cottage Lane?

Wrong: Will we go on holiday?
Correct: Will we go to Cyprus this year?

Wrong: Will my kids be happy?
Correct: Will Jack be happy at University?

Wrong: Will I get married?
Correct: Will I get married before I’m 30? (choose this age yourself obviously)

So, now you can see how easily you could get the wrong answer. Be very precise.

At all times.

Using a pendulum is NOT a game. It is very serious. The information given by your pendulums needs to be taken seriously.

If you are doing a Reading for a client or friend, they are going to take what tell them as gospel, so please be incredibly careful to follow all the instructions I’ve given you.

Be very careful with the questions you ask.

Make sure they are ethical and are not harmful.

Practice Makes Perfect!!!!