First of all, welcome to my Beginners Development Workshop.

I often have my students say to me…

I’m not sure if I could do this…


I’d like to understand some of the thoughts or experiences I’m feeling….

You are all in the same boat…

This is not a competition; you are in a safe place on this course where no one is judged, we are all like-minded people.

Once you’ve finished the Workshop I will add you to my private Facebook group which is free, where you’ll receive continued support and lots more information on future workshops and general posts on the subject of Development, Psychic Awareness, Clairvoyance and Mediumship. Lots of information and lots of support and giggles along the way – the adventure starts here 😍😍

Are you ready to learn more about Pendulums, chakras, and all things spiritual?

You have probably done the same as I did, scoured the internet and have probably eaten your way through a few books.  You may have found a few answers, but I am guessing you are confused and still looking? You probably have lots of questions, right? Your head is probably spinning with twenty different methods of meditating or using Tarot cards.

You may even have joined a church group or circle for development. Within a church group, you will need to study Philosophy and prayer and the Principles of the church. That is great if you are that way inclined of course. My courses do not involve those tasks and do not require you to follow or believe in church principles.

I know all of this because that was me too! I was super excited to start my spiritual journey. I went to classes three times a week. I crammed my brain with all the content I could find on every topic remotely related, reincarnation, astral travel, trance. Then I had even more questions, and I didn’t know who to turn to for answers. I never felt like I belonged in a church group. (Although I attended Sunday school until the age of 11). Something just did not sit right for me now.

I sought out some fabulous Mentors and attended any training I could get to. I continued my development, became a reader for clients and eventually an International Medium. I discovered that I could help others get questions answered and give them a safe space for Spiritual Development.  So, I created my Facebook group to give people like me, who love this stuff as much as I do, a place to share.  I then created my Workshops to address the feelings of confusion and sense of being lost that I experienced!

I will help you clear the confusion, give you easy step by step Modules.  In this workshop, you will become more knowledgeable and have a clearer understanding of the beginner’s basic foundations. If you get the foundations right, you’ll be completely ready to continue onto the Intermediate and Advanced Workshops.  These basic first steps are, in my opinion, VITAL to taking the first steps to understand all those voices in your head, those things that happen you can’t understand or those experiences that leave you feeling as though you need to know more.  Seeing shadows or feeling that someone is in the room with you. Or having dreams and wondering if you are being visited by loved ones.

Let’s Jump straight in ….