When I first started developing my psychic gifts, no one taught me about grounding and how important it is.

Psychic development classes left me emotional, shaking and wondering, why am I feeling like this? Is it just me? Am I normal? Etc.…. 

If you’re doing any kind of energy work you will probably encounter one or all of the following feelings, scary huh!   This is exactly why you need to learn how to ground yourself. You may feel dizzy, tired, fuzzy, confused, emotional, disconnected, feel you are floating, clumsy, or shaky.

Wow, I’m really selling it to you, aren’t I? 😊

These are all normal feelings when you have lots of energy running through your system from doing development work involving psychic energy work. Remember the energies and getting used and moved now having been static pretty much since birth. You are going to notice it.

You need to know how to ground yourself, this will release the excess energy and get you back in touch with the earth and your physical body.

Now it’s time to get you started….

Have a nosey through the list below, maybe pick a few that appeal to you and give them a try. Everyone is different so it’s really your choice. There is no right and wrong here:

  1. Go for a walk. This is my absolute favourite. I think doctors should write prescriptions out for a 30-minute walk each day. Turn off your phone and earphones and take in the air, the sounds, the stillness. It really is the best medicine.
  2. Yoga is wonderful because it grounds you both spiritually and physically. It takes practice, so be patient with yourself. I am not very bendy myself 😊 but I found it tremendously relaxing.
  3. Declutter and clean, I know! What!!!  When you get your personal space clean your mind is automatically more relaxed.
  4. Write To-Do lists to declutter your mind. Then tick off the jobs as they are accomplished. Hugely satisfying and grounding. That pile of paperwork, the overflowing ironing basket, those phone calls, phew so stressful having all of that at the back of your mind. Clear them and the negative energy around them out of your headspace.
  5. Catch up with a friend – chatting a releasing any excess mental energy is massively beneficial; you are literally getting it all off your chest!
  6. I love a soak in the bath!  Make sure you lock the door to keep the rest of the family out if it’s like my house! I like to add essential oils…you can use whichever you enjoy the smell off, if I’m aching, I add some Epsom salts to ease the old bones and muscles. If you can’t get in the bath try soaking your feet this brings the energy down through all your chakras to ground you.
  7. Walk barefoot on the lawn…. so nice and totally reconnects you to the earth and all the earthing healing qualities. My favourite is barefoot on the beach…oh yes! Sand sea and sunshine…nothing better for relaxation and grounding.
  8. Have you heard of Forest Bathing?  No? So… get yourself to the nearest forest or wood. Take some deep breathes in. Listen to the sounds of nature. This is an amazing way to reconnect with the earth. Maybe hug a tree? If you’re going to feel silly maybe not somewhere busy. You really can feel the life energy flowing through the trunks it’s amazing!
  9. Meditate.  Of course, Meditation is the absolute best for just about anything, and spiritual grounding is no exception.
  10. Hold a grounding crystal or stone or just carrying one with you is a great practice. You can choose one from the Chakra chart we used earlier for example Rose Quartz for the Heart Chakra.
  11. Use essential oils. I use several Diffusers around my home. Again, you can use the chart from the earlier, maybe try Patchouli oil as this is the recommended oil for the base chakra to enhance grounding. I also use essential oils in my conditioner, not only great for the hair, but it goes into the scalp and as you shower it off, it’s running all the way down your body. Imagine all the stresses and tension washing away with clean water.

Wow!  that’s a lot of text: let’s do a Grounding Meditation now.