Energy Exercises

1. Try sitting in a chair that someone else has just been sitting in, can you feel anything? Their emotions, thoughts and feelings. Maybe you visualize an item, location, date, month, or a whole picture or story.  Give this information to the previous person that was sitting there and see how well you do. You will be surprised. (Do  not try this in a public place like the doctor’s surgery or a train haha) Try this out with your friends and family 😊ask them for feedback. You will get better with practice.

2. Rub the palms of your hands in a circular motion for a few minutes. Now hold them facing each other approx. 10/20cm apart. Can you feel any energy passing back and forth? Move your hands slightly closer to each other, feel for resistance or what I like to call a bounce-back feeling, a little bit like holding a balloon and trying gently to push inwards. Keep practising. If you have a willing friend or relative. Do this exercise together and try holding both hands up and meeting each other in the middle to feel that resistance. It’s really cool to try moving the energy between you, like magnets. Do remember you don’t touch each other. The energy flows between you.

3. Imagine that ball of energy again. This time its above you again, you breathe the light in all through your body. This time the light doesn’t leave via your feet, it flows over from your crown chakra pouring onto the floor and filling the room that you are in like a waterfall. With each inward breathe the white light fills each corner of the room, and up to the ceiling, behind the TV or cupboards into all the corners, imagine this until everywhere is full of light, your energy is building and building and it’s the most wonderful feeling of being totally absorbed in the universal energy which is pure love from the spirit world. Now, move that energy, swirl it around to the left, first slowly then faster and faster…wow, it’s amazing. Finally slowing it down to a stop. Sit down. You may feel a little dizzy with all of this energy. Have a drink of water. Water and working with energy go hand in hand.

4. If you have a willing participant, try this more advanced task:
One of the two will shut their eyes. The other sits on the floor in front of them and builds an imaginary wall. Brick by brick and slowly and purposefully lay each brick, like a bricklayer top the brick with cement, and move on to the next one. May build four across and three high, or two across and six high? Keep the shape even, no triangles or arches 😊 that are going to be too hard to feel!  Sit back and tell your partner when you have finished. Ask them to close their eyes and feel for your imaginary wall. Did they get the approximate height and width? Amazing isn’t it! Take it in turns. Yes, I know. You’re all thinking, whhaaatt? This woman is crazy..just try it…it works 😊

These exercises are fun to do, just relax your shoulders, arms and hands. Letting the energy flow. Many of my clients have felt a heat exchange between them and their partner in the exercises and gone on to do healing work, like reiki and spiritual healing.