‘We are going to be understanding, recognising and moving energy in this module…hold onto your hats! 

It’s important for all of us interested in Spiritual Development to include a good understanding of subtle energies. It’s quite possibly one of the most important modules in the workshop. 

Let’s start with Auras. The Aura is an electromagnetic energy field around each of us. It’s not visible to most people, but it is or can be, instinctively felt, sensed or experienced by others. This energy around you is continuously changing and can exchange energy with things around it. Anything and everything can affect it.  Every day you inadvertently mix with dirty and unsavoury energies. You allow others to suck the energy out of you. It’s like sticking your hand down a drain Yuk!!!! But unless you know otherwise, you do this every day.

It’s up to you to decide what and who you want to exchange energy with. You absolutely can decide about this important boundary setting! This module will help you see energy, feel it, and totally believe it exists.

Here are some ways, we use to describe how energies feel to us that might help you increase your awareness of them. They may be sensed with the hand or all over the body.

  • Buzzing or tingling, like when your leg is asleep.
  • Prickly, like static electricity.
  • A feeling of heat without a heat source.
  • A feeling of cold without a physical source.
  • A sense of rising or falling pitch without any audible sound.
  • A feeling of something flowing through you, like wind or a stream or current of water.
  • A feeling of a wave passing through you.
  • A sense of another Being, like an Angel or ghost, has stepped inside you.
  • Pressure or pushing sensation when nothing is touching you.
  • A sensation of bubbles rising like fizzy pop.
  • A clanging sensation. Like a piece of metal, hit with a hammer.
  • A spinning or spiralling sensation.
  • A fluttering or shimmering sensation.
  • A sensation like a change in altitude.
  • A sense of lightness or expansion in some way.
  • A shift of consciousness like meditation or falling asleep.
  • Sudden sighs or yawns (Releasing energy like this denotes that you are getting rid of some energy that you encountered. It can also be a physical sign of grief, exhaling the pain.

One of the easiest energies to notice is ‘people energy’ Have you ever just felt like someone was watching you and turned your head to find someone is! Maybe at the traffic lights? You look because you FELT your attention energy and your consciousness focused on where that energy was coming from. Whether you realized it or not you have already had experiences with feeling life force. Have you ever walked into a room or stood next to someone and just felt uncomfortable? You may have even wanted to leave or move to another area of the room/restaurant/bar. These feelings can be heavy, sad, or stale. They can also make you feel anxious. 

People can feel happier, brighter and exhilarated around some people, a sense of ‘just clicking’ with their energy. You are using your higher senses to feel their energy without thinking about it. Developed cultures have stopped using their senses so much as we are not living in a cave with fear of invasion or being eaten by predators, but it’s still there in the background for us to develop.