Divination Cards

Oh my goodness, there are so many out there nowadays. You can get Tarot, Angel, Nature, Rune, Shamanic, Chakra, Unicorn, Witches, Reiki, all manner of cards.

There is no correct set. I have dozens of sets. But to start with I would suggest that you just need one pack, that comes with an instruction book (some don’t).

Learn to use them well, before collecting lots, otherwise, it’s going to get confusing.

Let’s look at easy methods for cleansing your oracle card decks to remove negative energy which they may have.

If they are brand new, chances are many people before you have still touched them, if you have used them for previous readings or natural causes like sitting on a shelf in a shop where they have been handled or around many different energies.

Maybe your readings seem to be a little inaccurate recently, cleansing them is a must.

But you do have to consider whether it maybe you yourself that has the blocks and needs work such as chakra realignment and grounding.

Cleansing your tarot cards helps to remove old and stagnant energies that might otherwise get in the way of your readings.

Clearing yourself ensures a fresh start each time you work.

You will hear some crazy ideas on most subjects in spiritual practices. My thoughts are to keep everything as simple as possible. Do not get too sucked into big ritualistic practices. But as a general rule of thumb, you want to cleanse your deck, if it’s a new deck that you haven’t used yet, if you feel it is stagnant and your readings don’t resonate if you’ve let somebody else handle your deck.

Over the next few lessons, I will share a few examples for cleansing your cards, as I’ve said there are many many way…..choose one for now….