Communicating with the Spirit World


Many, many people have asked me if anyone can do this? The answer is yes.

They also ask me how long I have had the gift’? gosh, this makes me cross! I’ll explain:

Let me answer, as best I can: No one has the gift to do anything well. You may be a talented artist, footballer, swimming, hairdresser actor and so on. But an excited climber would never make it to the top of Everest without a lot of training and experience. It’s exactly the same for all the other examples I’ve given. You may be a nurse for instance – yes you have compassion and the desire to nurse, but you went through years of training to become one. You may have continued to train, to specialize in a particular area say midwifery? It’s no different with Spiritual Development. You need to start in the beginner’s workshops and work hard and with determination, passion and effort, hopefully, you will gain enough experience, information and confidence to work with the spirit world and potentially, clients.

So, what you are about to try, will not be instant, will not be easy for most people.

Success will come with work and commitment. But it will be the most amazing experience and so worth it when you can achieve connection and communication with the spirit world. It’s the most wonderful feeling to pass messages from a departed one on to their friends and relatives. Nothing compares to the pure joy of seeing clients get confirmation and evidence that their loved ones are with us.

How to communicate with Spirits, the basics – 

Anyone can learn to sit in the universal energy and communicate with the Spirit World. Be patient with yourselves. It’s not easy, otherwise, everyone would be doing it, right?

OK so:

A medium is a person who communicates with the spirit world. Spirits communicate through the medium to connect with loved ones. 

Your spirit to their spirit. Your heart to their heart. The aim is to blend your energies together to become as one, that sounds scary? It’s really not?

You are always of course in complete control. Nothing is coming to take over your body or soul.  Spirit world don’t just pop information into our heads as if by magic.  We are aiming to feel their personality, who they were before passing, their appearance, thoughts and feelings.

When I connect it feels like a meeting of hearts and souls. I can feel their emotions, their physical ailments, why they died, if they are a dad, mum, daughter son, age etc. I almost feel that I am becoming them. 

Spirits really don’t want to give their height weight age and hair colour as though they are being grilled on mastermind!  They want to pass messages that show evidence, yes, but messages of love too. So try not to fall into a specific routine of questioning. Allow yourself to be guided by their messages and the evidence should come within those messages. Of course, it is great evidence to say… I have your grandad here who’s 5’9’’ wearing a pilots uniform and he has green eyes. But sometimes they just want to say hello, I love you, tell Jean I’m ok. 

Take it easy on yourself at the beginning…take what you are given and work on the finer details after you can successfully create a link and hang onto that link for a while. It takes some doing to keep that link for a 30-40 minute or hour-long reading.

Ok so let’s get started.  The best and most productive conversations are had with Spirit when you are centred in your seat of self. So, relaxed and grounded.

Before communicating with a Spirit, make sure that you fully define your boundaries of who you will interact with and when you meditate beforehand or when you are sitting setting your intention. This is to make sure you are not potentially connecting with anything you don’t want to be connecting with. I don’t want to scare you here because if you work as I have suggested with the universal loving energy of the spirit world, you will be completely safe. Set the highest intentions and create boundaries if you feel uncomfortable at any time. Stop.

Find a friend or relative to work with, but of course, you can do this by yourself if you wish too.