Code of Conduct

CODE OF CONDUCT:  Why Following a Code of Ethics Is Essential

A Code of Conduct is essential.

If you don’t have some sort of code for doing readings to live by, you may fall into the trap of giving wrong or harmful information to another person! It’s of the utmost importance to maintain honesty and integrity when doing any kind of reading.

Never give information you receive to a total stranger. You may well pick up messages from someone in Tescos or sitting next to you on a bus! Do not assume that you can just blurt them out. That may be unwelcome. Furthermore, it is completely unprofessional.

Keep all readings confidential and discreet. You cannot gossip about the content of any readings. Ever. Your clients have an absolute right to confidentiality.

We cannot claim 100% accuracy, no one has or is meant to have all the answers, all of the time. Spirit or the Universe sometimes have plans that we don’t know about yet. Some of the hardest messages to understand can become reality and unaccepted during a reading.

We must advise our clients that we are not a trained or licensed therapist, psychiatrists, bank managers, or have any trained medical knowledge and therefore we absolutely cannot give diagnosis or psychological counselling.

We cannot advise that someone is about to die, or has a terminal disease even if we feel a serious illness may be present. I will often say to my clients something like ‘please get this checked out with a doctor or I feel really poorly in this energy’. We want our people to take care of themselves, but we cannot imply death or any other serious situation.

Never force clients to accept what you are telling them. If they say they cannot take the information. They can’t. Often the information can be verified by a relative or the information becomes a reality when least expected. I’ve had many texts letting me know that facts given that they thought were completely bonkers came true and shocked even the client.

We must keep the clients’ welfare and mental health in mind first and foremost. Very occasionally I have felt that I cannot read for a client, be honest, and refund their money. You could also refer them to another psychic/medium that you trust.

If you study and practice the techniques I’ve given you you may have discovered that you are a lot more psychic than you first thought.

Many professional psychics are sincere in their work but some don’t have any real psychic ability they’ll just buy a pack of cards, remember the meanings and start giving readings.

I’ve really tried to show you all the foundation skills that underpin the group of skills you’ve learnt in this workshop. The importance of Meditation, tuning into the energies and your vibration and using your psychic intuition. Don’t ever let ego take over, keep pushing yourself to try to make every reading the best one you’ve ever done.  I’ve tried to give you the firm foundations and a taster and now you can progress by studying hard, reading books and doing more workshops. I do hope the course has given you an insight into what spiritual development is all about and all the different forms it takes. If your heart is in it, you can achieve great things. Stay humble and true to yourself. Above all be honest. Some get carried away promising to ‘see all’ solve marriage problems, work and luck in fact any problem at all!! Some get completely carried away with fantasy and quite frankly are ‘away with the fairies’ making wild and wonderful statements without any evidence to support it.

When we read for people you have to remember that this is their life and what you say impacts that. Are you ready for that?

  • What would you say to someone who presented to you with suicidal thoughts?
  • How would you comfort someone deeply bereft?
  • How would you approach reading for someone you knew was terminally ill?
  • How would you deal with a client that pestered you following a reading, and how would you get them to stop?
  • How would you deal with someone who wanted to end the reading partway through because they can’t or won’t accept the information you are giving?

You will most likely encounter these. Yes, they are extreme cases, but you must prepare yourself. Some of your clients may book you as a last hope after trying doctors, councillors or psychiatrists.  Every word you utter is likely to impact your clients, so choose them wisely. You can harm just as quickly as you can heal.

It’s often a good idea to start reading for people you know before working with the wider public.

Let’s run through a few DON’Ts

  1. Don’t predict deaths. Spirit world should never give you this information and its not something that would be kind to tell the reader let alone a family member. 
  2. Do not imagine you are a Doctor. You are NOT medically trained and cannot give out medical advice. Under no circumstances go against your client’s medical advice.
  3. Don’t exaggerate! You cannot guarantee anything, not the answers to their problems, not to their health concerns, finances, relationships problems or any other concern they may discuss with you.
  4. Don’t force yourself on anyone. Goodness me, there is nothing worse than being over-eager and dishing out messages right left and centre.  You can’t go around doing that. People may not be ready to here messages or worse still upset by them.

So what can we do?

  1. Concentrate on the positives. There may well be lots of negative news in some readings and of course, it’s important to relay that, but do try to look for the positive outcomes. A reading full of despair is not helpful.
  2. Free will – I always discuss free will with my clients. You have an enormous responsibility to your client. They will remember what you have said for years to come. If I felt that my client would have many children and she was adamant that this was not what she wanted. She is forearmed now that this is what the spirit world have planned. So I would advise that she takes her contraception seriously and pregnancies planned by the universe can be avoided!
  3. You MUST give evidence… information is useless without evidence. Don’t talk mindlessly about spirit or events. You will need to back up your statements with evidence that your client can completely understand. If you have a lady with you, for instance, you will need to describe her, her personality and her connection in order for your client to know for sure that you are indeed communicating with their loved one.
  4. Do try and develop good habits. If you scrimp on studying, reading, meditation, development, energy work or practice, it will show in your readings. Development is a long process that never ends. The more you work and communicate with the spirit world and the universal energy the more they will want to work with you too.  Always find a tutor and a safe structured environment to develop in,  such as this online workshop, or a physical Workshop. Check out the credentials, how long have they been working? How long have they been teaching? Do they have good testimonials from satisfied customers? Don’t get tied up in looking for formal credentials.  You don’t need to be part of the SNU Or take qualifications to be a good medium. Plenty of great mediums have no formal qualifications.

Please, please, always remember that when you do a reading that you represent mediums everywhere and that affects the reputation of us all. So…be mindful of where and when you work. Be professional at all times. Finally, take care of your wellbeing as well as your clients.