Chakra Balancing Step by Step Guide

  1. Start by picking up your Pendulum. Now picking up sounds easy. right? but please make sure you are holding the pendulum by the top, there should be a charm at the top or others have a loop or ring… it’s my belief that if you wrap the chain around your finger that you can send your intention down the chain and get a false reading. This was common practice for a long time, but you make your own choice and do what feels right for you.
  2. Hold the pendulum at the Crown Chakra ( that’s the top one centrally above your head) let it settle. You may see the energy jiggling about for a while, wait for that to subside. The pendulum will then start the spin. This should be in a clockwise motion, which means its healthy. If yours spins anticlockwise, make a note. We are going to heal any that are unbalanced at the end.
  3. Move the pendulum down to your Third Eye (Centre of your forehead) and repeat,  if the movement is incorrectly moving in an anticlockwise motion, make a note and we will come back to it to heal it.
  4. Repeat on the remainder of the chakras.  Throat. Heart. Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra (I usually image these two 2cms above and below your belly button) and then your Root Chakra, which is in line with your tail bone of your spine.


Now we will go back to any Chakras that need healing, follow the guidance from the video. Rotating the energy and correcting the imbalances.

Hopefully, you will have surprised yourself at how easy this is to master. Do not worry if you don’t succeed the first time, there’s no rush. Practice makes perfect. Very few things in like are achieved without practice.

You can help to maintain healthy Chakras with the correct exercise and food.  If you are repeatedly struggling with one or more of your chakras, refer to the multicoloured chart again, you may benefit from the elements and foods attributed to each chakra.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this module. There’s a lot of information here for you, so you should now be aware of the where what and whys of chakras and chakra balancing and maintenance for wellbeing.