Being Open To Energy

Honestly, lots of my students struggle initially to visualize everything, and that’s ok, but the more you practice, the easier it will become. If you try too hard, you will not be able to do it. Just skip this video, carry on, and come back to it. It’s one of my students’ favourite meditations. Once you have the visualization it is a fabulous ‘go to’ mediation because it covers every aspect of life. 

I know it’s all new and exciting but try not to do too much too soon its more important to get each module right and get a firm foundation for the future modules. You really will see the benefit.

Being open to energy?

Well, what does that mean? Crikey! 

Life throws so many different energies at us. Earthly and human. We feel other people’s anger, pain, grief, and a whole variety of other emotions. All of this is draining. In order to help us with this constant barrage, we can use our minds to stop being so open to the energies. So how? Try not to be a sponge to everything and everyone else’s needs and imagine a bubble or screen filtering out those negative vibes. This in no way means you should be rude or uncaring at all. I call it setting boundaries for your own wellbeing. Of course, it is easier said than done. We have had these habits for an awfully long time. So small adjustments are the best way to start. Building up to life-changing control over your energy and who, and how you share it.